18 May 2024
stillwater crime

In a shocking incident that left the community of Stillwater rattled, local authorities responded to a distress call at MPower this past Sunday, only to uncover a trail of devastation. The culprits behind this reckless act of vandalism were two male juveniles, ages 13 and 15, who have since been arrested. The aftermath of their destructive spree has led to an estimated $75,000 to $100,000 in damages, leaving not only the MPower building but also other public school properties scarred.

The incident unfolded on a seemingly calm Sunday when the Stillwater police and fire department were called to MPower. Upon their arrival, they discovered signs of forced entry, with the front door propped open, and the front office area rummaged through. It was a scene of chaos that only hinted at the extent of destruction to come.

As officials ventured further into the building, they were confronted with a series of acts of vandalism. Most shockingly, the suspects had attempted to set a fire in the microwave using a Bible, a symbol of hope and faith. This disturbing act not only highlighted the recklessness of the vandals but also their disregard for the values held dear by the community.

The chaos unleashed by the two juveniles went beyond just the bizarre attempt to ignite a fire. Throughout the building, evidence of malicious intent was evident. The total estimated cost of the destruction amounted to a staggering $75,000 to $100,000, reflecting the extent of the damage inflicted on the property. It was clear that the vandals had spared no corner of the building from their acts of destruction.

Furthermore, the vandals targeted vehicles on the premises, attempting to steal them. Fortunately, their efforts were thwarted, leaving the vehicles untouched. Nevertheless, the mere intent to steal automobiles adds another layer of criminal activity to their already extensive list of charges.

Thanks to the diligent work of the Stillwater police and cooperation from the public, detectives were able to swiftly identify the culprits. Surveillance footage and evidence collected from the scene led them to the identification of two male juveniles. Assistance from Stillwater Public School staff played a crucial role in the identification process.

On Tuesday, law enforcement made significant progress by apprehending the suspects. The first juvenile was arrested around 1:45 p.m., while the second was taken into custody later that day at approximately 5 p.m. The community breathed a sigh of relief knowing that those responsible for the havoc had been brought to justice.

The two juveniles, aged 13 and 15, now find themselves facing serious charges related to their destructive rampage. They are being held in a juvenile detention center, awaiting their day in court. The charges include second-degree arson, second-degree burglary, and malicious injury or destruction of property amounting to more than $1,000. These charges reflect the severity of their actions and the disruption they have caused to the community.