17 June 2024
stillwater weather

Step into a day filled with abundant sunshine, as the high temperature reaches a delightful 87 degrees. The gentle embrace of a north-northeast wind, flowing at 9 to 11 mph, adds a refreshing touch to the atmosphere.

As the day gently evolves into night, the sky remains mostly clear, inviting a sense of serenity. With temperatures settling around 64 degrees, the night is perfect for unwinding. The northeast wind continues its gentle presence, dancing at 6 to 10 mph.

Embrace the optimism of Monday, where the sun takes center stage, illuminating the day with its warm glow. With a high near 86, the weather offers a perfect backdrop for a positive start to the week. The north-northeast wind, maintaining a pleasant pace of 6 to 11 mph, adds to the overall charm.

As the sun dips below the horizon on Monday night, the night sky remains mostly clear, inviting a tranquil ambiance. With temperatures lowering to around 63 degrees, the evening is ripe for relaxation. The northeast wind, ranging from 5 to 9 mph, later eases into calmness after the stroke of midnight.

Tuesday arrives with a radiant sun and an inviting high temperature of approximately 89 degrees. The initial calm wind evolves into a gentle northward breeze, flowing at 5 to 9 mph during the afternoon hours. The day’s journey promises positivity and warmth.

Tuesday night brings a continuation of the optimistic forecast, with mostly clear skies inviting a peaceful night’s rest. The low temperature settles at a comfortable 65 degrees, ensuring a restful slumber.

As Wednesday unfolds, the sun takes center stage once again, elevating the day’s spirits with its brilliance. With a high near 89, the weather encourages an enthusiastic outlook. The optimism continues into the night, as the sky remains clear, and temperatures drop to around 63 degrees.

Thursday emerges as a beacon of sunshine, with a high near 91 that promises a day full of positivity. The clear sky and the warm embrace of the sun create an atmosphere of delight.

Thursday night embraces the clarity of the skies, with temperatures settling around 65 degrees. The night’s atmosphere invites relaxation and tranquility.

Friday ushers in another day of abundant sunshine, with the high temperature soaring to a comfortable 95 degrees. The clear skies and warm air create an environment that uplifts the mood and energizes the day.

Friday night mirrors the clarity of the day, as the sky remains clear, and temperatures lower to around 67 degrees. The night offers a perfect opportunity to enjoy the serene ambiance.

Saturday brings the anticipation of a sun-soaked day filled with warmth, as the high temperature reaches a hot 98 degrees. Embrace the energy of the day and make the most of the inviting weather.