17 June 2024

An Oklahoma appellate court has ruled in favor of a school district sued by a parent who claimed his religious freedom was violated during a public comment session. The parent, Brice Chaffin, was speaking against a policy that allowed transgender students to use bathrooms aligning with their gender identity. Chaffin went off-topic during his speech, leading to his removal from the meeting.

Chaffin and a conservative group filed a lawsuit, demanding an apology, attorney’s fees, and damages. They lost the lawsuit, with the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals upholding the decision, stating no substantial religious freedom violation occurred.

Chaffin’s attorney intends to appeal to the Oklahoma Supreme Court, arguing discrimination. The school board had faced pressure to change its bathroom policy and eventually complied with a state law restricting bathroom access based on birth sex.

This case highlights the ongoing legal disputes over transgender rights and school policies in the United States.