17 June 2024

Texas Governor Tells Australian TikToker: If You Don’t Like Our Flags, Go Home

Austin, Texas — Texas Governor Greg Abbott had a simple and clear message for an Australian TikToker who isn’t a fan of how many American flags she sees in the United States. “Go back to Australia,” Governor Abbott wrote on Twitter, and he used eight American flag emojis to make his point even stronger.

What’s the Big Deal About Flags?

Mia Chloe, known on TikTok as @meanderwithmia, is an Australian who loves to travel on a budget. She shares her adventures on TikTok. In one of her videos, she said that America has way too many flags on display.

“I’m just going to say it. There are too many American flags. They’re on houses. They’re on cars. Some are on couch cushions,” Chloe said in her video. “You’re the only country that I know that does this.”

The Governor’s Response

Governor Abbott, the top leader of Texas, didn’t let that slide. He quickly sent a message back to Chloe. His tweet suggests that if Chloe isn’t happy with the American way of showing pride in their country, maybe the U.S. isn’t the place for her to be visiting.

Lots of Americans agree with Governor Abbott. They see the American flag as a sign of unity and respect for their country and are proud to display it.

More Than Just Flags

But Chloe had more to say than just her thoughts on American flags. She said she doesn’t even know what her own country’s flag looks like well enough to describe it, but she’s seen the American flag so much she could draw it from memory.

“I think I could make a bloody sculpture out of it,” she joked, “That’s how many times I’ve seen it. It’s enough. Let’s pull back on it, OK. Let’s stay humble.”

She also talked about her time in an American supermarket, where she said she spent four hours in a Walmart but only left with three items, calling the store “a trap.”

And she didn’t stop there—she even called out the weather in Kansas, labeling it “unlivable” because of its unpredictable storms.

“I’m currently in Kansas,” she mentioned in an Aug. 4 video. “Even though it’s blue skies right now. Give it an hour and it’s going to be thunder storming, there’s going to be lighting. You’re going to get stuck in a hail shower.”

Being Respectful When You’re a Guest

What Governor Abbott is saying boils down to this: When you’re a guest in another country, it’s important to show respect for that country’s ways, including how people show their pride. In the U.S., lots of people are proud to display the American flag—it’s a symbol of freedom and unity.

Governor Abbott’s response is a reminder that when you visit another country, you should try to respect and understand their way of life. It’s a lesson in manners that’s as old as time but made new again in the age of TikTok and Twitter.