17 June 2024

Last Friday morning at 10:27 am, a tragic incident occurred in Payne County when someone discovered the body of Dylan Lewis, a man from Stillwater, in a wooded area on S Drury in the 400 block. The police arrested two suspects they believe are connected to the killing.

The suspects are John Helfrick Jr., aged 31 and from Perkins, and Troy Driskel, aged 28 and from Stillwater. Right now, the police are holding them in the Payne County Jail until they have their arraignments on homicide charges. The police haven’t filed the exact charges yet, but they think these two are responsible for killing 28-year-old Dylan Lewis, who was also from Stillwater.

During their investigation, the detectives became suspicious of Troy Driskel and arrested him around 8:20 pm last Friday after they got a high-risk search warrant for the vicinity of 100 W. Mathews.

Based on information from witnesses and statements, the police discovered another suspect, John Helfrick Jr., who they located and arrested around 2:33 am last Saturday.

It’s important to know that John Helfrick Jr. has a history of criminal behavior. He got out of prison just two months ago, and court records show he has a 10-year criminal record.

In 2021, Helfrick got convicted of being a felon in possession of a firearm and committing third-degree burglary in Stillwater. He got sentenced to two concurrent eight-year prison terms but served only about 15 months before they released him in May.

In 2020, he got convicted of methamphetamine possession in Stillwater, which they later reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor in 2021. For this, he got a concurrent one-year jail term.

In 2017, Helfrick got convicted of second-degree burglary of an automobile in Stillwater, and he got an eight-year prison term in 2018. However, he served only about two years.

Moreover, in 2016, he got convicted of concealing stolen property in Stillwater. At first, he got probation, but they later revoked it, and he got sentenced to a concurrent five-year prison term. He served about 10 months for this offense.

Helfrick also faced other convictions, including possession of alprazolam and giving a false name to Stillwater police in 2016. For these offenses, he initially got probation, but they later revoked it, and he got concurrent prison terms.

In 2013, Helfrick also got convicted of drug possession in Payne County, and his probation got revoked. He received a concurrent two years and 305 days in prison for this offense.

With the police arresting these two suspects, they are making progress in their investigation into the killing of Dylan Lewis. The community hopes that justice will be served, and the victim’s family finds some closure during this difficult time.